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Songs and Chants
Songs, Poems and Chants
Songs and Chants
Macmillan UK and FLTRP 2002
I am the sole author and musical composer of this series of four books, cassettes and CDs of original songs, poems and chants. Each level supports a corresponding academic year of primary school English study.
The beauty of simple and rhythmic songs and poems is that they are accessible and motivating to all.
What better way to practise English at home than by singing these easy songs together? The poems and chants use rhythm and rhyme to help children remember new words effortlessly and naturally.
These books will help mum, dad and all the family practise too, while supporting the primary school children with their English.
These full-length songs and chants will be a valuable resource to home, as well as the primary or pre-school classroom.
Every piece is beautifully illustrated to show clearly the meaning of both the overall story and individual words. Even parents or teachers with very little English feel confident using these books with their children as all meaning is clear.
Each title is provided with an audio CD or cassette. The songs are produced to a very high commercial level by Gleesongs Productions, and are a source of entertainment in their own right.
A karaoke or accompaniment version of each song is also provided on the cassettes and CDs.
Although originally commissioned for use in China, the project was conceived and written specifically for the international market and can be easily adapted to fit specific curricular and cultural needs.
Songs and Chants is also very valuable in British nursery schools and playgroups as it helps promote first language development in very young children.
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