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Fun Sounds
Fun Sounds
McGraw-Hill 1995
I am the co-author of this two-level phonics-based English course. Fun Sounds is used in nurseries/ kindergartens and the reception classes of elementary/infant schools. Fun Sounds helps children with speech development and teaches the association of sounds to letters and words. Young learners of English find this early focus on pronunciation to be a strong starting point for later study. Fun Sounds assumes no previous knowledge of English sounds or words and introduces all language in a systematic and natural manner through original and witty stories and songs.
Fun Sounds enters the child's world, as students meet characters such as Tommy the Train, Poppy the Parrot and Theo Thumb. In this way, the children identify each sound and letter to its own character.
Fun Sounds contains phonics exercises which practise:
The aural recognition and discrimination of English sounds
The correct pronunciation of English sounds
The recognition and discrimination of English letters
The writing of English letters
The relationship between capital and small letters
The development of early writing and pre-writing skills.
Each full-color Student's Book is accompanied by a Teacher's Book and cassette containing recordings of the stories and songs. The Teacher's Book (in English and Spanish) gives full lesson plans and suggests a range of games and craft activities which reinforce the children's learning. The Teacher's Books also contain photocopiable flash cards.
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